Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Put the candy down! Tips for a fun & Safe Halloween

Hello again! It's me, the girl who likes Halloween. 

This time of year is usually full of cute costumes and scary decorations. At least once a week we find ourselves visiting adult Disneyland Target just so that the kids can repeatedly push every single button on every Halloween decoration that makes a screaming, shrieking and moaning sound. Did I mention the employees of Target love us? Anyway, while Halloween can be cheeky good fun, it can also be dangerous. And no, I'm not talking about the kind of danger that involves gorging on four pounds of KitKats and Skittles (because no one likes Smarties). I'm talking about the kind of stuff that can get your darling Elsa/Batman/mini Donald Trump hurt. So today I welcome guest blogger, The slip and fall accident lawyers at Fisher & Talwar with essential tips on staying safe this Halloween! 

Congrats parents! You’ve successfully kept your child alive long enough to get to enjoy Halloween with them, how exciting. Chances are your kid is stoked! He or she has been looking forward to this night for some time now. This can be a way fun night! However, it’s important to remind yourself and your children about safety. Here are some top safety tips to help your Halloween:

1.     Be sure the kitty can see well out of her mask. Many of the masks that come with costumes can be difficult to see out of. Which makes things like walking and not tripping over everything a lot more difficult.

Next year I want a store bought costume. 
2.     Add some reflective material to the costumes. We know, we know, a real ninja wouldn’t wear reflective gear but it’s for your own good! In late October it gets dark pretty early. Maybe consider adding some glow sticks and flashlights just for an added measure.

3.     Send a trusted adult with your children. Maybe even go yourself? After all, every superhero needs a sidekick, right? Lucky you.

4.      Remind your children that just because they're wearing a costume that comes with a sword or wand doesn't mean they should hit their sibling with it! 

Where is my sister...

5.     Before letting the kiddos dive into their spoils, be sure to check over the candy to make sure there are no choking hazards and that the candy hasn’t been tampered with.

6.     Some sites like the Center of Disease Control also recommends not eating homemade treats. Better safe than sorry.

7.     Limit the amount of candy your children eat.

The effects of a sugar high can last for DAYS. 
8.     Also limit the amount of your children’s candy you eat. If you eat too much they’ll know you did it, you have to be sneakier than that. C’mon rookie. 

Make sure to have fun. These are really special memories you are making with your children! 

Mom, I will always cherish this "special memory" of you having me wear our dog's Halloween costume. 

Most importantly be safe. Warning: sad, sobering fact incoming. According to, children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car or truck on Halloween than any other day of the year.

Thanks for reading guys! Have a fun & safe Halloween!

Adios, until the next post!


  1. Cute costumes. I expected we see Mom as a Ninja Turtle or Joan of Arc. Where's your costume?

    1. Maybe I can put those ideas together and become the first Ninja Joan of Arc character for Halloween. I see about seven terrible action movies being made based off that character...

      What about your costume Russell?