Thursday, August 25, 2016

I blame my iphone camera.

Hello again! It's me, the girl who needs to update her iphone.

So I'm always about one (or three) versions behind the newest iphone releases. But to be honest that's better than a few years ago when I had a pink RAZR (I just realized it's not spelled Razor) and used predictive text. At least it wasn't a pager. I had one for awhile in eight grade. You know, in case I was on call and urgently needed to preform heart surgery. That or in case I urgently needed to text "bitch" to my 8th grade arch nemesis in pager code. In case you are wondering, the code is 81764.

Anyway. Back to my iphone 5s. It gets the job done. But since I use it as my sole camera all of my pictures look a bit dark and blurry. What? That's not good enough? Well...I'm sorry okay?  No need to be a 81764 about it.

Since it's Thursday, I figured everyone could use a break from using their brains and instead look at blurry, dark pictures of me and my children!

Let's get to it!

Last Saturday my husband went to a Giants game. I stuck around with the kids and took them a tiny little zoo nearby. It basically consists of birds and a few turtles. Of course the biggest attraction was this little fountain that you can roll pennies into. So we spent a few hours doing that.

Me: "Henry, do you want to see the Tiger? Or how about the monkey?"

Henry: "Pennies!"

Me: "Shall we sit and have an ice cream cone?"

Macy: "Pennies!"

Me: "What about the playground? Let's go there!"

Children: (Looking at me with disdain), "Pen-NIES."

After the penny toss I managed to get a few pictures of them enjoying the flamingos.

I wonder what flamingos eat that turns them pink? 

After all that flamingo watching and penny throwing, I decided it was time for a family picture (minus daddy) in front of an exhibit of a bunch of bushes.


That's better. 

The weekend before the zoo, the husband took Henry camping with some friends and their toddlers. Macy and I decided to sleep in our warm, dry, beds and drink coffee (me) and juice (her). Henry and husband had a grand old time doing cold, wet, nature things. 

Henry enjoying his best friend, rock. Spencer enjoying his best friend, water. 

Here are more of Henry's friends also enjoying cold, wet nature things. Violet is wearing a helmet because she is near water and safety first! 

The sequel to Lord of the Flies, Lord of the moss. Beware of the ringleader. 

When we aren't out at zoos or camping (which is 99 percent of the time) we are usually home playing with toys. I've mentioned before that Henry will really only play with one toy and has been obsessed for about 4 months.  He even brought this toy camping and managed to spend quality alone time with it, contemplating life and all that IS.

Mr. Potato Head, if someone claps on a deserted beach and you leave your ears in the sand does the clap make a sound?

Henry loves Mr. Potato Head so much he brings him into his bath, to bed and shares all of his meals with him. Luckily for them, Henry doesn't like the taste of potatoes.

Dear God, my blue cup is blocking the view of Mrs. Potato head! 

Ahhh, that's MUCH better. Phew!

Macy likes to copy everything Henry does but because she has no potato heads (and her brother won't share) she has made the best of it while eating her lunch. 

I just love my car, blue train, and black stick thingy!

Here is one more picture of them playing with Mr. Potato heads. Just in case I haven't made it clear that it's Henry's FAVORITE TOY. 

Macy, you just don't get it. Here, take this nose and try again.

Yeah, Potato heads are okay I guess. Don't be weird bro. 

And finally, Henry finished up his summer preschool program and began his regular pre-school class at Templeton Elementary. Luckily, I was able to get a few pictures of him at his summer school that I'm positive he will want me to show his 9th grade girlfriend someday. 

Cowboy hat? Check! Handkerchief? Check! Vest? Check! Over the leg thingys? Check! Pony that hates it's life? Check!

Oh my sensitive, sweet, cowboy, we love you so much! 

That's it! That's all the blurry pictures I have to share with you. I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our past few weeks. Stay tuned for my next post in which I show you pictures of my dog doing things like sleeping and looking at me. It's going to blow your minds. 

Adios! Until the next post.

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