Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How you know you've been watching too many children's shows.

They're coming for you.

Hi there! Me happy to see you! You visiting makes Jackie soooo happy! Hee hee!

Today we're going to discuss how you know you've been watching to many children's shows.

In three, two, one...BLAST OFF!!!

1. When you're getting ready in the morning, you find you always put on a cardigan sweater while singing, "It's a beautiful day in the clooooooset, a beautiful day in the closet, would you be my, could you be my, won't you be my closet."

2. You spend at least 60 seconds putting on each sock and shoe while telling your husband you plan to take the trolley into work.

3. Your therapist has diagnosed you with OCCED, or Obsessive Compulsive Cookie Eating Disorder.

Slow down there fatty. 

4.You suddenly develop a constant craving for Sesame seeds.

5. When someone asks you for directions, you repeat each step loudly and pause awkwardly while staring at the person before going continuing. "To get to Birch lane you go OVER THE FREEWAY....PAST THE SAFE WAY SHOPPING CENTER... MAKE A LEFT ON MILL BOULEVARD...UNTIL YOU GET TO BIRCH LANE!!! Do YOU want to go to Birch Lane??? (insert more pausing here, a LOT more pausing. And starring.) THEN LETS GOOOOO!"

Cant...stop...looking. Heeeeelp meeeeeeeeee.

6. When your husband tells you he's craving sushi for dinner you serve him bubbled Guppies.

They go great with Sesame seeds. 

7. You find all of your emails contain only the letter of the day.

B. Bbb bbBBbb.  Bbbbbbb, "Bbb BbbbbB Bb." BBB bBbbbB!!!

8. You ask your mother in law to please pass the salt and Peppa.

9. You sing a song about sharing to your husband when he hoards the remote.

And finally, how you know you've been watching too many children's shows...

10. You refer to yourself in third person and giggle constantly.

Elmo only ever feel happy! Mommy tells Elmo to push all bad emotions awaaaaaay!!

Adios! Until the next post.

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