Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weekend in Pictures

Hello blog readers! I'm so happy to see you again. You look great. Did you lose weight?

So I finally cleaned out my Iphone which means I have more memory space and can fill it with 5000 new pictures! Usually my phone is so stuffed full of pictures and videos that something cute will happen and I won't have enough memory to capture it. It's like that time Macy learned to play Beethoven's 5th Symphony on the keyboard. Or the time Henry did five back flips in a row. I'd show you the video but I ran out of memory. Instead I can offer  you a video of Henry piling his toys all around Macy until she cries. No? 

My picture taking reminds me of what some comedian (I can't remember who) once said, "I have more pictures of my children than my dad has ever looked at me." True that. Trueeeee daaaaat. 

So let's get started on my plethora of weekend pictures!

We decided to head up to the quaint mountain town of Oakhurst (where my husband grew up) to pay his sweet grandparents a visit. My husband's grandparents are both in their mid eighties and that doesn't slow them down one bit! They are constantly traveling all over the USA and have been to all 50 states. They are also still madly in love. Their house if filled with beautiful antiques that have been passed down for generations. They also have peppermints in a glass dish on their coffee table which is an unspoken requirement for all grandparents over 75.

To give Henry and Macy's great grandparents a break form all of the wildness that comes with being in the same room with children under three, we decided to take a half day trip to Yosemite (only 30 minutes away) and run off their excess energy. We arrive in the late morning to a cold, crisp, beautiful thirty degree day. Of course I managed to forget both Henry and Macy's jackets. Luckily I still had Macy's sheep Halloween costume in the truck which worked just fine. We got a few confused looks from some tourists who probably thought that we were preparing our sacrificial lamb to the Gods in exchange for rain.

Poor lamb. She has no clue she's about to be sacrificed. 

It cost $25 to enter Yosemite. We rationalized the cost by telling ourselves that Henry would enjoy all of nature's splendors. Here he is enjoying said splendors. 

Contemplating the word splendor. 

Hmmmm. Now that I think about it Henry could have enjoyed nature somewhere that didn't cost $25.
I felt bad that Macy was stuck in the stroller in a lamb costume while Henry frolicked and wanted to give her a chance to enjoy nature too. 

Here, hold this natural occurring leaf. 

We didn't quite make it to the falls (which weren't falling very much anyway) due to Henry getting distracted by some rocks. We decided to take a picture of the waterfall in the background anyway.

Tiny waterfall.  Big glasses.
We ended our Yosemite excursion with some rock climbing. Only $100 dollars a rock.

Macy preparing to climb while mom fixes her bra strap. 

This picture came out weird.
After Yosemite we returned to my husband's grandparent's house and ate at least three helpings of some kind of cheesy casserole while listening to stories about altercations with Native Americans in the 1950's. It was quite an exciting weekend!

Once we got home we decided the children needed a bath. Three hours in the car had somehow resulted in wet clothing, grease a little blood and various crumbs all over them.

Soap hats are serious business.
Henry ended the weekend by placing stickers all over his face. Of course.

Sweet dreams you sad, serious, sticker faced child.
 Now excuse me while I go remove all the stickers I've found on the entertainment center.

Adios! Until the next post.

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  1. Looks like a fantastic weekend. I appreciate your ability to improvise for cool-weather clothing. I would've had to wrap Spencer in a reuse-able shopping bag, which would've undoubtedly incited a call to CPS.