Monday, November 9, 2015

Hello again. You look familiar.

Hey blog readers. I’m still here! You think I disappeared forever didn’t you? Nope. I’m right here. I’m kind of like one of those under the skin pimples. You can feel my presence but I haven’t made much of an appearance. Ew. I’m going to go put some Clearasil on my chin now.

Aaaaaah that’s better. Okay let’s get to it!

I’ve been working on custom watercolor orders (which is what I enjoy most) and was lucky enough to get a request for a pet portrait. The client’s friend’s dog had passed away and she wanted to gift her good friend with a whimsical portrait to honor her memory. They both had a running joke that the dog (Pearl) was likely sitting at home, relaxing while her owner worked hard all day. We decided to incorporate their joke into the painting. She suggested having Pearl smoking and drinking a Martini in the portrait and I did my best to capture Pearl's personality. This was a very fun project and it made me so happy to create something the owner could cherish.

Now we know what our pets are up to when we aren't home. 

Pearl, channeling her inner Mad Men character. 

 I enjoy painting children's portraits even more than painting pets! In fact, I just finished a portrait of my friend’s daughter for her first first birthday. When creating portraits, I often incorporate whimsical touches to display the child’s personality as best as I can! You can see this in Zoe's portrait. She is a blend of sporty and girly gracefulness. 

She's pretty much a perfect specimen.

Now in case you haven’t noticed (or cared) the holidays are upon us! I don’t know about you but it really bothers me how retail stores tend to completely pass over Thanksgiving in order to bombard us with buying STUUUUUUUUUFF! The Christmas music starts November 1st. The obnoxious holiday Target commercials have already started showing sassy stage children with trendy haircuts dancing to techno versions of Jingle Bells with more pizazz than Gene Kelly. I get it. It’s about making sales. There is no reason to enjoy cooking a meal, giving thanks with family when you could be OUT SHOPPING FOR STUFF!!!!  Speaking of stuff, I’d really like some new pots and pans for Christmas. I bet Santa (or Jesus?) can get me some at Target. Cue jazz hands. 

I have a hyprocritcal point to make here. Since we are already in November, now is the time to order any custom requests (for Christmas gifts) or custom family portrait requests. For example, if you want to send out a watercolor portrait holiday card, I can get it to you (a digital file) by early December! Just order NOW. RIGHT NOW! Your boss will understand. Just explain the reason you are on my my Etsy site during work hours is to order her a custom portrait of her standing on her desk throwing dollar bills at her minions shouting "Minimum WAGE BITCHES!"

That’s all I have for now. Hmmm. Now that I think about it, this particular post is really self promoty.  I might as well throw in some pictures of my kids looking cute here. To complete the self promotion full circle. When you think about it, blogs are just another word (or sentence) for " read my self indulgent online diary and enjoy pictures of my children all you weirdos on internet." Mission accomplished.  

Take it easy Macy. 

I guess I can take back that puppy I got them and replace it with a stone turtle. Easier to clean up after. 

Adios! Until the next post. 

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  1. I always wondered what Buster was doing while we were gone. This explains the nicotine stains between the toes on his front paws and how quickly a rum bottle goes empty at our house (he claims it's evaporation).

    I see you're already teaching your kids CPR. I think that's great, just don't let them play doctor with defibrillator paddles. That could be a shocking experience for all parties involved.