Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Work in Progress.

Hello again. It's me, the girl who hasn't written a blog post in awhile.

So I've been feeling frustrated lately. I have these blog post topics (in my head) just waiting for me to write them up but...well let me list the reasons why I haven't written much lately:

Why having any sort of time consuming hobby while taking care of two young children equals Nuh uh. 

1. Time: 
Once upon a time in a land where time forgot (whatever the that means) I had a baby who napped from 9-11am every day and again from 1-3. I had a toddler who would watch one hour (or, let's face it, two hours) of TV while playing with toys during the baby's nap. They also took their afternoon naps at the same time. Twas a glorious, magical land full of leisurely cups of coffee and plenty of time to clean the house, prep food for lunch and dinner, work on Etsy paintings and write blog posts. Yes, all was well in this lovely land of excess time. Fa la la la laaaaaaaaa!

Suddenly, a dark, ominous, (and inevitable), cloud called change came upon the land. The happy, content, well rested baby decided to shorten her long naps into teeny, tiny mini naps that latest no more than thirty minutes.  The toddler decided that playing with toys and watching his shows MUST be done with his mom right NEXT to him at all times. Both children came down with week long stomach bugs one after the other which meant I spent one week holding Macy all day long and one week watching the same episode of Blue's Clues over and over with Henry on my lap. But that's just life right? I get that in the scheme of things, this is a nice little "problem" to have. Everyone is relatively healthy and happy. I just have less time for myself. Oh wait, I was in the middle of writing a little story wasn't I? What happened with that?  Uh, the end.

2. Wifi Problems:
Or maybe I should write #wifiproblems. Or better yet #Charterproblems. I hate Charter and it's pretty much all that is offered in our area. Our wifi shows full bars yet Still. Doesn't. Work. I might as well use dial up with AOL. It takes about 30 minutes to get to one or two websites. Uploading picture? No way Jose. Not on your life. Not gonna happen... and I can't think of any other nineties sayings to reiterate that my internet is slow. "I'll be back."

3. Laziness:
I could've spent a few nights each week writing blog posts in advance but...eh. I chose to watch Bachelor in Paradise instead.

Okay that's enough with the lists. Let's get to what else is happening. Watercolors! Here a few projects I've worked on.

The first project I finished was a custom order of a mermaid. For almost all of my watercolors, I start by lightly sketching ideas onto paper. Once I have something decent, I fill in the lighter colors first. Each project takes awhile to finish as I have to wait the first layer to dry before starting on the next. A lot of my time is spent watching paint dry and let me tell you, it's like watching paint dry.

A watched paint never dries. 

After a week or so of slooooooooowly adding colors in-between crying children and bad TV shows, I finally finished!

The fish doesn't get why her hair is so floaty. 

Oooooh colors. 

I also had another request from a close friend for sweet baby boy's nursery. She requested a Pisces constellation watercolor to go with his space themed room.

He BETTER grow up to become an astronaut. 

A crappier version. Fingers not included. 

 Recently I started offering custom portraits at my Etsy shop. I thought it would be fitting to do one of my own son to add to my list of examples.

He released the Kraken. 

Well that's it for now. My internet is getting spotty again which means Charter is going to get a really strongly worded text message. #strongwords@Charter.

Adios. Until the next post (whenever the hell that is.)


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  2. Jackie! I feel the same way about writing (or lack of) posts for my blog! I have so many A.MAZ.ING. ideas in my head, but I just can't get over the hump of sitting down after work, working out, cleaning, eating, showering, TV watching, etc. and WRITE. I am going to make a "appointment" with myself from 6-8 pm Thursday this week and do it! Keep me honest..see you Friday!!!

  3. Enjoy the tots while they are little, it doesn't last long. I can't guarantee you'll have more time when they grow up and start school as you will also assume a full-time role as chauffer and activity coordinator. For some reason, they seem to have made less time in this decade than the one before, and the one before that. The years, months, days, and hours are getting shorter. It's a conspiracy, I tell you.

    1. Russell I am definitely enjoying the children as much as possible before the reach an age where they don't want anything to do with me let alone sit right beside them watching Blue's Clues! If only there was a way to STOP time or at the very least slow it down. I wouldn't mind looking 25 forever!