Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend in pictures

Hello there good people of the...internet?

It's been awhile. A long while. We are FINALLY adjusted to the new house which means I'm going to do my best to start blogging regularly again. By regularly I mean about as regularly as I exercise. So expect another post sometime around January 2nd.

Today, actually right now I have a napping child and another at Costco (I've trained Henry to run errands for me) so I've decided it's a good time to share our weekend in pictures! Let's get started shall we? WE SHALL.

During our move, a good friend of ours helped my husband to load and unload our bed. As he struggled to lift the sagging, dingy, 20 year old mattress he kindly suggested that it was probably time to upgrade to an adult sized bed.  My husband (who quite loved our old, overly soft, completely unsupportive -my back hurts like I've been lugging around two wheelbarrows full of bricks- bed) was a bit hesitant. But then he looked at our small bed and realized that having a King bed with a fancy mattress would mean less complaining from me along with more leg room. Needless to say we tested out a few TempruPedic style beds soon after.

Wake me up when they turn eighteen. 

We fell in love with an imitation (and MUCH cheaper) brand and had it delivered. Now we can't get enough sleep. But in a good way.

Bed delivered and children are already claiming it.

After showing Henry the picture of him and Macy on the bed he quickly ran off to recreate the "moment" here. 

After getting at LEAST six glorious hours of sleep on a new bed (to he honest it sort of hurts our backs...but it's bound to feel comfortable after eight more years of breaking it in), we hosted our friends and their baby and toddler over for dinner. My husband blew up a kiddie pool (with air, not dynamite) and the children sat (and most likely peed) in it.

This could be considered bath time too right? 

Once our friends arrived, Macy immediately broke into sobbing and hysterics. She is going through a phase (please oh please let it be a short one) in which if she looks upon a face other than mine, she cries. If she is held by anyone other than me, she cries. If a man dare to glance in her direction, GAME OVER. The crying becomes a wail of despair. Because of her high anxiety around anyone but her mother, we figured the best way to calm her (and give me a break from holding her for three hours straight) was to put her in the swing. She likes the swing.

A battle of emotions. Enjoy the swing or wail in sorrow?! 

Eventually Macy calmed down enough to enjoy the swing before going to bed. And on the plus side, her hours of exhaustive crying helped her sleep deeply and soundly.

We woke up Sunday deciding that it would be a good day to tackle Home Depot so we could purchase a few new ceiling fans. The current ceiling fans wobbled in a very scary fashion. They looked like they were installed in 1988 complete with gold and Valley Girl accents. Luckily Home Depot had affordable, somewhat attractive options. Plus Henry loves Home Depot. It's a guy thing.

We leisurely looked at fan options while Henry stood obediently beside us. Except for that one incident where he climbed up the fork lift.

Husband closes the fork lift bar thingy. Henry isn't swayed.

Henry also managed to push a HUGE pallet of boxes halfway down the isle before we realized it. Come to think of it, he'd make a great Home Depot employee.

After purchasing the fans, my husband decided to go ahead and install them right away. Whatta guy!

Henry, can you hand me that flat head screwdriver? It's next to the box cutter. 

After the fans were installed, we took the kids to the park so Henry could practice his favorite thing, walking the line. Let's hope he grows out of this before he hits drinking age.

Because your mine, I walk the line. 

Macy and I like walking too.

Me in my double glasses. Macy with her favorite empty can of Perrier. 

To be honest that wrap I use to carry Macy really hurts my back. Thank God for the new bed! I just have to lay on the floor half the night then move on the bed with my legs in the air the rest of the night while taking six Ibrupofin and poof! The pain is slightly better!

Okay that's it for this weekend in pictures. Stayed tuned for my next post in which I show you how to prune a fern. That sounds like a home owner thing right?

Adios! Until the next post.

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  1. I recently took a blog break too! Glad to hear you are all moved and settled. Hopefully it wasnt too stressful. Looking forward to your future posts even if I have to wait until Jan 2nd!