Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend in pictures

Hello and welcome to my humble blog abode. I hope you enjoy your stay for the next one sixty seconds. Please remove your shoes.

It's time for another addition of a weekend in pictures! I'm writing this later in the day because we are in the process of moving. Which means our house currently looks like this:

Packing causes me to lose all ability to care. Henry's still in his pajamas and there a hanger on the table. So?

I'm also eating Cheerios for lunch. We actually have plenty of food like salad, fruit and chicken in the refridgerator. It's just that moving is a good excuse to eat two bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios don't you agree?

On top of packing, I also bought a spot at a local baby fair to showcase my art in person for the very first time.

I went with the "less is more" approach. 

The baby fair was a complete success! I sold a grand total of (drumroll please) ... ONE PRINT. I also had one person sign up for a custom order. Of course that person was my husband's grandmother but never mind.  While there, I got bored watching potential customers bypass my booth so to pass the time, I did a little shopping and I found about six outfits for Macy and Henry for under twenty dollars! 

After the baby fair (a loss in money but gain in cute outfits for children) I rewarded myself with an iced coffee. I then went home to work on a watercolor card for my husband's grandma (you know, the only one who requested a custom artwork order) for her birthday. 

This is a freebie but she still owes me $20 for the custom order. Bitch.

After making some watercolor cards for upcoming birthdays, we decided to take the kids to our favorite park (the one my cell phone was stolen from awhile back.) We were leisurely pushing our kids in the swings when a nice, shoeless gentleman came over and informed us a man was laying in the public bathroom face down and that my husband should check it out. He went into the bathroom only to come out and call the paramedics as the man had clearly overdosed on something. He waited for the fire department to show up and they were able to get to the man in time to save his life. My husband basically saved a mans's life! My hero. By "my" I mean the guy who overdosed. 

The rest of the weekend was uneventful. Macy felt lonely and tried to visit me in the kitchen by scooting over while screeching. It actually reminded me a bit of those possessed creatures in a scary movies that distortedly crawl towards you.  

I'm coming for you "Hello Bee, Hello Me."

Finally it was time for bath and bed. While my husband was washing Henry up, I decided to do a bit more packing. After about 25 minutes I realized I couldn't find Macy anywhere. I heard a soft scratching sound and found this: 

Insert canned laughter. 

That pretty much sums up our weekend. I hope yours was excellent too (and didn't involve packing, losing money, or finding drug addicts who overdosed in public restrooms). 

Adios! Until the next post. 


  1. Your baby fair experience reminds me of renting a table at a writers conference to sell books. Unless you're the keynote speaker (who gets a table for free) you don't sell enough books to cover the table rent.
    I love the photo of Macy in the box. You may want to write "Fragile" on the side before the movers come to haul her away.

    1. Exactly! I should have known a baby fair selling $.50 baby clothes wouldn't be the best fit for my boutique artwork.

  2. WHY DID TYLER GO INTO THE PARK BATHROOM! The shoeless guy could have stabbed him! Or stolen his cell phone! Or both! But it sounds like it all turned out okay, even for the guy who OD'd. Good luck packing!!

    1. Yes he thought about not going but decided it would be to awful to leave the guy dying. Of course there was a guy in the stall next door enjoying his private time.

  3. LOL!! What a great weekend. I'm glad you only sold one print. It makes for a much funnier post. And how thoughtful of that man to OD in the bathroom when you were there. I bet he did it to make it into your blog! Moving makes me lose my ability to care. Whenever I'm stressed I should move. The pictures are great! I love the picture of Macy in the box, she's definitely ready for her new house!!

    1. It was a very memorable weekend indeed!