Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Now offering Custom Portraits!!!!!! (exclamation points not included)

Hello everyone! It's me! The girl who is now offering custom portraits.

Since we recently moved into a new house (blog post coming shortly) I figured I'd better offer custom portraits. How is that related to buying a home you ask? It isn't. But it's a good way for me to share that we bought a house (yay).


After a few requests for custom portraits of sweet, young couples needing Save the Date artwork for their upcoming weddings, I thought why not start offering cutesy watercolor portraits for all occasions? Really. Why not? Can you give me one good reason? You don't care? Okay. Well it's your lucky day because I will care for you!

Now I am happy to offer custom portraits to anyone and everyone. Want a portrait of your family? Your darling child? Your thirteen year old chihuahua ? Your great Aunt Delilah?  Well look no further! I will make one just for you!

Here are a few I've recently completed:

This couple requested their beloved bunny be included in their Save the Dates. 

Clearly they use Crest White Strips. 

This next portrait has a whimsy feel and was created for one of the cutest three year olds I know. Since she's three (and can't play with a portrait for her birthday) I was sure to include a "real" present to avoid seeing her crushed look of disappointment that all she got was a weird picture. You remember the look right? It's the one you try to hide when your  great grandma Edna hands you your Christmas present only to open it and find bright orange crocheted coveralls.

I was going to paint her wearing orange coveralls but then remembered I can't crotchet. 

That's all the examples I have for now. What? Did you think I just go around painting pictures of my friend's kids all day without their permission and then charge them for it? Hmm...

Oh, and to request a custom order, visit my shop and click on "request a custom order." Duh.

Adios! Until the next post.


  1. I bet you could make me look 20 years younger and 60 lbs. lighter. My self esteem is improving already.