Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend in pictures

Now with more baby!
Hey you. How was your weekend? Really (yawn). Well enough about you, let's get to how MY weekend was shall we? Here, let me show you the pictures I took and tell you aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall about it!

Friday afternoon was spent at the playground and garden near our house. Henry bores quickly with any playground equipment (aside from the swings) and is always much happier exploring anything that causes me to do more laundry.

Who needs a jungle gym when you can climb on top a pile of tan bark?

After climbing the mountain of splinters, Henry decided to check out the most exciting thing to a two year old; pinwheels.

Henry, admiring his favorite garden plot (the only one with a pinwheel).

After admiring various garden structures and picking little tomatoes (that he only pretended to eat) it was time to head home. I was walking ahead of Henry and noticed that I couldn't hear little feet behind me. It had gotten much to quiet. I turned around to find Henry, standing still and staring, pretending to be an old timey ghost.

This small boy is known to roam around the pinwheel plot. 

Saturday was a great day! One of my favorites to date. On Saturday we...well, to be honest, I can't remember what we did. Having little children often makes the days blend together into one big ball of toys, cleaning, crying, more cleaning, re-directing, changing, eating, napping and lots and lots of coffee. Luckily I took a look at my phone and noticed I took two pictures. So here they are!

Ah, now I remember why this Saturday was so special. I love them!

Looks like I also packaged up a watercolor print to send off to a customer. Another reason why this Saturday was lovely.

I finally have a reason to keep every piece of tissue I've ever collected.

On Sunday we decided to take our kids to the Mid State Fair. It made the most sense to get up early and get to the fair by 10am to ensure it wouldn't be to hot or crowded. Little did we realize that none of the booths or rides open until noon. Even so, it all worked out for the best. My toddler is easy to please. He was more than excited to look at the goats, cows and empty, immobile ferris wheel. By noon, we found a place to sit in the shade and ate pretzels while listening to a local band.

Dad, you've got something in your teeth. 

I found her here alone, listening to music, eating my pretzel.

That's all I have for today. I'm writing this post on my lunch break (nap time) and have a feeling that I've only got about 4.5 more seconds before Macy wakes up cry-yep. There she is.

Adios! Until the next post.