Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fresh from my idea folder.

Hello again! It's me, the girl who has ideas.

Today I'd like to showcase a few new watercolors for your viewing pleasure. Often, when I'm going about my day, I'll think a new idea for a watercolor piece and immediately pull out my phone and type the idea into my notes. Later as I'm sitting surrounded by art supplies, I'll pull out my phone in happy anticipation of turning my ideas into finished masterpieces. It's only then I discover my ideas make ZERO SENSE. It's kind of like when you're dreaming. You think, Ah yes. Of course this underwater bicycle is the best invention ever. Abraham Lincoln will LOVE it. Then you wake up and think, underwater bicycle? So impractical. Especially for a tall man like Abe.

Here's an example of some of the gems in my phone right now.

Art ideas:

Watering can hearts open (I'm assuming I meant a watering can watering blooming heart shaped flowers??)
Oh! Pieces of rainbow (Um. Okay.)
Programmed to love me (maybe I was having a low self esteem day?)
Watercolor tape minus stripes (As opposed to "addition" stripes?)
Milk not coffee (Who WROTE that? I always choose coffee over milk!)
To many cats in the kitchen art (Okay, that one makes some sense to me.)

While I scratch my head trying to figure these ideas out, here are a few watercolors ideas I was able to make sense of.

I painted this after reading my idea for "Giant bee finishes cloud's sentence."

I had to paint this fast because I'm allergic to bees. 

That's a huge bee. Luckily he has no clue he misspelled believe. 

And I painted this one after reading my idea for "Pepto-Bismol meets Downton Abby."

Dressed for dinner.

The cane is for looks only.

These and more whimsical nursery prints can be purchased at my Etsy shop here!

Well that's about all I had time to create. I spent the children's entire nap time just trying to figure out what the hell my ideas meant.

Adios! Until the next post.


  1. Hi Jackie! Happy to have found your blog via a sweet comment you made on Growing Creative. So enjoying your blog and work. Also a Central Coaster, here! :)

    1. Hi Amy! Thanks for coming to my blog! I'm happy you enjoy my blog. I just subscribed to yours as well. Beautiful pictures and great content!

  2. My granddaughter Maudie's middle name is Bee. Cute paintings. I especially like the flamingos. Looks like they are ready for a special evening on the town.