Monday, June 22, 2015

A Weekend in Pictures (minus the pictures)

Hello everyone! It's me again. The girl who had her phone stolen.

On Friday I took my son to his favorite park to do his all time favorite thing. Swing! If he had his choice he'd swing for an hour. The park is pretty. It's large with two separate playgrounds and a huge grassy area with trees and nature (all things Henry loves) and so we frequent it often.

The only downside of this park is there are bathrooms. Normally bathrooms are a good thing. Especially when you have the bladder of a woman whose had two babies. But at this particular park the bathrooms attract a lot of...for lack of a better word, "characters."Or as my 1910 self would say, "Undesirables."

Now you can normally find these characters lay in sleeping bags on the lawn all day. They tend to talk to themselves. And flail. Often when Henry is running around the grass he will see a man laying on the grass and shout, "Dada!" I'll have to say, "No, that man isn't dada. Dada is at work." and steer him away before he jumps on him for an old fashioned father/son wrestling match.

Aside from the "laying around all day, flailing arms and talking to themselves" people the park also attracts the, "men who ride around on bikes looking shady" people. On this particular Friday I was happily pushing Henry in the swings while our stroller sat 10 feet away. In the stroller I had put my iPhone (in the cup holder) without a care in the world. Oh how naive I was!

As I was pushing Henry, a man on a bike approached. He suddenly stops, grabs my iPhone and peddles away before I realized what happened.  For a brief moment I thought about running after him. I'm quite fast. For example, I was the fastest runner in all the 5th grade classes fast. Okay the 2nd fastest runner. Which, when I think about it, probably isn't that fast. Especially if I'm still only the second fastest runner in a 5th grade class.

So in that moment I thought, "Run after him?" No. To slow. Plus he could be weird and have a knife or something. Yell for help? No. Laying around people look to tired to chase man on bike. Plus screaming would scare Henry. Watch man ride away? Yup. I'll do that."

After guy on bike rode away with my phone I calmly put Henry into the stroller and ran (as fast as my old 5th grade legs could carry me) home to my husband. As I gasped and explained what happened he went all "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and got on his bike to find the perp. My hero! (He didn't find him) while I filed a report with the police and called Apple and AT&T to get everything frozen on my phone.

Being a trusting, slightly lazy person, my phone wasn't password protected. I had hundreds of un-uploaded to my laptop family pictures on it, and I hadn't downloaded any apps like "Find my iPhone." So I feel sort of violated. He had about an hour before my phone was shut off to check out things saved on my phone like my recipe for coconut flour banana bread and Pintrest boards of my watercolors. He's probably read the article I had on my phone about Catylin Jenner too.  He may even be reading this blog as I write. Maybe he finds it funny? Or the DIY craft section helpful!? I guess I should write a message to him just in case:

Hey man on bike. Hi. It's me, the girl whose phone you stole. I'm going on Craigslist to buy another phone. If you happen to sell me mine don't expect me to pay full price! Ha! I showed you!

Since this post is lacking of entertaining pictures I figured I'd draw a map of what happened. See below:
This picture is really easy to read too. God, I'm talented. 

Adios! Until the next post.

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  1. Such a bummer Jack!! I love your message to him. He'll get his, don't you worry!