Monday, May 25, 2015

Thank You

Hello everyone. It's me. The girl who is thankful.

Today is Memorial Day. A day that honors and remembers those who have died defending our country to ensure we have the right to live freely, with dignity and joy. While I plan to enjoy this day off with a barbecue, some Netflix movies and perhaps a nap, I know that without the sacrifice of so many, I wouldn't have such a nice (and somewhat lazy) life to enjoy! And I'd probably be speaking German.

I'd  also like to take a moment to show my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all the women and men who are (or have) been in the service. We truly appreciate all that you do.

So thank you!



  1. Happy Memorial Day! (I love his little shoes!!!)

    1. Happy Memorial Day to you! Hope you have something fun planned.

  2. 3 Flags equal a super cute and super thankful Henry. Love this cute (and thankful) post Jackie