Friday, May 1, 2015

Quick and easy meal (to make you go mmmmm)

Hello everyone! It's me. The girl who cooks quickly.

Recently, a large number of our friends have become parents. They are either on their first, second, or third child. With all the new mouths to feed, our group of friends decided to start a tradition in which we'd bring meals to the newly exhausted parents. With a new baby born practically every month, I had my work cut out for me!

 While I enjoy being creative in certain aspects of my life, cooking is not one of them. I'm one of those people who eats to live (you need to eat chocolate to live right??) and therefore, I tend to eat the same ten meals over and over. I like my meals, healthy, easy, and most of all, quick. Because of this, I decided that rather than cook new meals for each family, I'd give the same meal to everyone. Equal opportunity eating.

Over time, there is one meal I've found is the easiest to make repeatedly (and doesn't taste half bad as a leftover) and that is thee...drumroll please...

Chicken Penne Pesto Pasta!!!!!! (I like foods that have the letter "p").

Here I  will include the recipe (with pictures of course) for your viewing (and hopefully eating), pleasure.

You will need:
1-2 chicken breasts (I use two because my husband is always eating for two).
Box of Penne Pasta (I like whole wheat. It makes me feel better about my husband eating for two).
Pesto Sauce (the brand I use is Classico Basil). You can make it from scratch but then I'd have to title this post "Long and not so easy meals"
Olive Oil
Favorite seasoning (mine is fall).
Fresh veggies to include. I like to add tomatoes and/or artichoke hearts and/or olives. If you have a garden you can add fresh vegetables grown organically with wholesome love. But I don't have a garden so mine are grown with big box store pesticide hate. (Sorry).

Nothing like a picture of a huge slab of raw chicken to whet your appetite

Step one: Cut chicken into manageable bite sizes pieces (unless you are a tiger).  Add olive oil to pan and place chicken bits inside. Don't forget to turn on burner unless you like your chicken like you like your sushi.
Adding the entire bottle of olive oil takes away from the "healthy" part of this meal
Step two: While the chicken is sizzling away, bring a pot of water to a boil. Add penne pasta and a dash of salt.
This is salt, not cocaine. 

Step Three: While the pasta bubbles away, I add seasoning (season all) to the chicken and a bit of pepper too.
Seasonal, the lazy person's seasoning. 

Step Four: Mix Pasta with chicken and add pesto sauce. Mix together.

I think the blurry photo helps hide how gross this looks don't you?
Step five. Add fresh organic vegetables. If you don't have fresh, organic vegetables use whatever is in fridge. In my case it's store bought tomatoes. I've also added some parmesan cheese on top. 

Ta daaaaaaaaaah! 

A meal that almost looks gourmet if you squint 

That's it! A quick and easy meal that works well for new parents, busy working people, or lazy cooks like me.

Adios! Until the next post!

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