Friday, May 8, 2015

Ode to my mother

Hello all. It's me, the girl who loves her mother.

Because it's Mother's day (almost), I wanted to share a post all about mothers. Well, all about my mother, not yours.

I can safely say that my mom is the best. She is wonderful. She is divine. She is strong and kind. She is beautiful, witty, clever and smart. Much smarter than I am! She even writes a humor blog that often has me using LOL literally. You can find it here.

My mother is selfless and sweet. She is independent and feels things deeply. She says exactly what I need to hear. She taught me to cook (which may not be a compliment, sorry mom), and nurtured my love of reading. She is fun. She is the type of mom who doesn't just watch you swing, she gets on the swing right next to you and swings even higher. She is young in her heart, mind and body. She is wise in her soul. She is a big part of why I am who I am. She helps me to be a better mother myself. And she looks great too!

But these aren't the reason's I love her. I love her because she is my mom.

My mom, helping me hold up a heavy baby Henry.

Clearly I'm sad to share this picture with my brother.

So happy I don't have to share this picture with my brother!!

Pleased to share this picture with my sister.

My mom can wear short hair well. Her mom can wear plaid pants well. 

Look at that smile!

Best friends even then. 

Happy soon to be Mother's day to my mom and all the other mother's out there. We love you (well, minus the times we hated you during those angst filled junior high years).

Adios! Until the next post.


  1. Ah! Thank you honey!! I'm just blown away by all the nice things you said. I truly am the luckiest mom in the world to have gotten you for a daughter. I will always treasure this, darling and I love you!

  2. I meant every word. I love you mom!

  3. I can't even with all these great photos. Absolutely adorable. Oh, and Jackie you look ok too.

    1. Clearly I take after my dad. ;)

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