Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lord I was born a rambling (wo)man.

Hello everyone! It's me, the girl who sometimes rambles.

Today I'm in an extra rambly mood. It might be because I ate three pieces of toast this morning. Apparently that does something to my insides which releases the rambles.

Okay. Let the rambles begin!

Sometimes babies remind me of people who've recently had lobotomies.

Fa la lalala laaaaaaaaaa.

They also remind me of sweet little old ladies.

Oh look! That little old lady is having tummy time!

Next ramble. 

One morning I woke up, put on my contacts on per usual only to have my eyes decide I was trying to blind them. In retaliation they began creating a sensation that felt a bit like spiky sandpaper (with hot peppers mixed in) angrily rubbbing at my corneas. Since then I've switched brands about 400 times only to reluctantly admit my eyes will accept contacts nevermore. I can only wear contacts one day a week if that. If I forgo glasses, my blog posts would look more like this:

HEi everu18one. Lsiu298wukjn! I canienoil oftensm smo? Ha! Har! Jow3i4kdm duck on his head@!

Luckily I've found a creative solution to function on bright, sunny days. 

The blue filter and artsy expression really makes glasses over glasses look chic. Right?

 Ramble number three.

Henry reminds me of someone here...

So hopeful! So sweet!

Uh oh.  

My rambles are almost complete. I just need to take my contacts out. Hold on a sec.

Ok. I'mz Bachk.  Muo91h and I wionjsd ko8u4eyjdn; innapropriat2e wqiokd kojd dey baNanas! 

Adios! Until the next post.


  1. Hee so funny. Love the rambles...

    1. I'm happy you enjoy my rambles as much as I do :)

  2. So funny! Love your writing!