Monday, May 18, 2015

A weekend in pictures

Hello everyone!

Well it's Monday again. It looks as though Monday's are going to happen to us every week. Maybe our greatest accomplishment in the future will not be renewable energy or peace on Earth but rather a change to our calendar which will elliminate Mondays. That and robots who clean the fridge. That would be cool.

But because we haven't yet done away with Mondays, it's time for another glorious, exciting and intellectually stimulating weekend in pictures post!

Without further ado, here is what went down.

Friday (I count late Friday afternoons as the weekend, don't you?) my friend stopped by for a visit. We were sure to take plenty of pictures while strategically placing our cute babies next to each other.

They SO would have chosen to sit like this if their motor skills were developed.

On Saturday Macy woke up early and so I decided it was imperative we lay around in our bed for another 15 minutes. If only Macy had a snooze button!

Maybe I shouldn't dress her in pajamas featuring a night owl. 

Later, my husband returned from his sister's graduation ceremony. She recently acquired her Master's degree and is now a certified Speech Pathologist! I figured I should become a speech pathologist too. I'm really talkative. But then my sister in law told me how much science, math, hard work, and focus was involved so I figured I'd stick to what I'm best at which includes none of the above. 

Anyway. The husband returned and we visited the park so that Henry could get his swinging fix. 

He's great at multitasking. 

Macy and I watched.

She's great at multitasking. 

Later that night, my husband and I decided we deserved a date night from the emotionally taxing day of playing at the park and drinking iced coffees. Our favorite sitter came over to watch the children and we went to dinner and to see new Mad Max. I always enjoy a good dystopian future movie with action scenes so loud you need ear plugs don't you? Or maybe I'm just getting old. What? 

Sunday was quite the eventful day! I read somewhere that it's important to spend quality family time together. I found pictures online of families doing things like reading intellectually stimulating novels inside their very own hand sewn, culturally accurate Teepee. 

Quality family time means reading about whale migration in the family teepee.

(Photo courtesy of Project Nursery)

But that seemed like to much work. So instead we decided that we'd spend quality time together in the car, not talking.  Plus any sort of outing often includes tantrums. Henry gets upset too. 

Upset that he can't hold five toys simultaneously.

We decided our car outing would include a trip to the local car wash. Who needs Disneyland when your child is just as mesmerized by soap and water being sprayed onto his window while his mother hums the tune to "It's a small world after aaaaaaaall." 

This ride is SPECTACULAR! 

After running a few errands (I've found we can never run more than a few errands with young children) we stopped by the airport so that my husband son could watch the planes take off.

It's a bird!!! It's a plane!!! ... it's a plane. 

That's it! Stay tuned for another weekend in picture update. If you get bored until then I suggest you read about whale migration in your handmade teepee.

Adios! Until the next post. 


  1. Oh what a delightful post. OMG I laughed all the way through. It's a plane! And singing small world. LOL! Great pictures. Really well focused.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed a typical day in the life of your zaaaaaaaany daughter!

  2. lol you are so funny! And yes on the Mondays thing. Who do we have to speak to about that? I want that...

    1. Maybe we can form a secret, "let's delete Mondays from society" society!

    2. I'm in! I'll start working on the secret handshake...