Friday, April 10, 2015

Flowers without the allergies

Hello everyone. It's me!

We had one glorious day of rain this past week and I'll take it! Henry was finally able to take advantage of his rain boots (which have been sitting, unused since Christmas) and Henry loved the novelty of them. If California keeps up this drought, my children are going to think of "weather" to mean, sunny with a chance of a slight breeze.

I'm swiiiiiing in the rain

My mini rain man

I love spring. I love when everything is in bloom and the hills are green. This drought is depressing!  To make myself feel better, I've painted a few watercolors featuring flowers in bloom. What I love about painting flowers is that I can enjoy them without needing to ingest an entire box of Claritin. I hope you will enjoy these as well!

Allergies not included
Tulips galore!

A two dimensional garden

Thanks for reading!

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Adios until the next post!

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  1. Lovely pictures, I hope the rain continues for you