Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Husband worth having

Hello all! It's me.

Today I'd like embarrass my husband by showing (in pictures no less) why I'm so thankful and grateful to have him in my life. In leu of quoting the entire Salt N Peppa song, "What a man, what a man, what a man what a mighty good man (a mighty mighty good man)",  I will just list a few simple things he does.

1. My husband is supportive and always encouraging.

When I told my husband my dream life was to take a few years off working to become a stay at home mom so that I could roll around all day, every day with my babies,  his reply was "Okay." He made a lot of sacrifices in order to live on one income (almost impossible these days) without complaint.  Now I have a two year old and four month old and spend my days doing things like this:

Rolling around together taking "selfies"

Blurry Bliss!
2. My husband encourages my passions and hobbies. He believes in me and actually thinks I have talent (or at least, he is great at pretending he thinks I have talent). Therefore, he often takes the kids so I have ample alone time to do things like this:

Messy but fun

3. My husband is great with his children. They are so lucky to have him as their dad. He's especially careful with Henry.

Not only does he throw them, he catches them too! 

4. He often cooks dinner for the family AND does the dishes. Hmmmm. The more I list what I love about it him, the lazier I come across!

Slicin' and a dicin'

5. Need I say more?!
Even Henry is impresed

Yes. I am one lucky lady. I love you husband (he even reads my blog).

Adios, until the next post!


  1. Wow I could write this word for word about my husband! I may need photo verification that they are not the same person ;)

    I feel pretty lucky too x

    1. We truly are lucky ladies indeed! :)

  2. I like the father/son matching hair dos in the last photo.

    Am I right to assume that by next week Tyler will guest-post on here and write a glowing tribute to you?