Friday, April 24, 2015

A highly (un)productive Friday

Hello everyone! It's me again.

I hope you are all having a very productive and mind stimulating Friday. Perhaps you've just made a cool $500,000,000 deal for the company you work for. Or maybe you've spent the day vaccinating children in a developing country. Then again, maybe you've spent the morning developing a new math theory which will allow us to create 100 % clean energy.

Or maybe your Friday has been like mine. Here's a quick look into my day so far. I think you will be blown away by the extreme (un)productivity.

This morning Henry woke up and immediately put his legos to work. Here they are lining up ready to take orders.

Lego labors laws state they are to plastic to work a full 8 hours

Henry realized that he was missing one of his employees.

Laying down on the job again?!
After my children worked the morning away we went outside for a walk. By walk I mean we lay on the grass at the park. But don't worry. I was sure to take a fifteen minute break every hour like any responsible employee would do. I'm sure my children understood why mummy dearest left them with Todd, the guy who has three dogs and talks to invisible people, while she caught up on gossip at the water cooler. Anyway here I am resting at the park. 

Look at that peaceful tree up there. I'm so relaxed.

But after a quick rest I realized it was time to get back to work. 

Hello?! I'm still here.

After our productive walk-lay, we had to get back so that I could begin work on my next project...seeing what Macy would look like with hair.

Ah, so that's what she looks like. 

And finally before the children took their naps, I finished up a project that I'd been meaning to get to for hours. The very important "take a picture of my toddler wearing sunglasses" project.

I ran out of time so this is the best quality I could get. Sorry. 

Ah yes. Today was QUITE the day. And this is just what I managed to accomplish before 1:30. I don't mean to brag but, I'm kind of a big deal in these parts (parts being my living room). Now, after this post I plan to take a much needed break. Perhaps I'll watch 3-4 back to back episodes of Supernanny. Have you seen that show? Can you believe how lazy some parents are?! Don't they realize that some of us are trying to be productive members of society and teach our children the values of hard work???

Adios! Until the next post.


  1. You are not lazy! Playing with your children is being productive in my book. You don't see the immediate effects, but you will someday and your kids are happy in the meantime :)

    1. Thanks Elise! I agree that parenting is actually a lot of work, sonetimes easy, sonetimes not so easy. This post was a little inside joke to all parents out there. It's anything but a walk in the park! ;)

    2. Excuse my spelling errors! I'm typing (badly) on my phone.

  2. lol too funny. I remember having many days like this when my boys were babies. Actually I still have a few days like this while they are at school. Shh dont tell anyone!

    1. I admit I even had a few Saturdays like this BEFORE my kids were born! ;)

  3. Please tell me you had someone question you about this so you could use the opportunity to say - incredulously - "I'm molding the young minds of our future. YOU'RE WELCOME."

    1. If only! The next time I'm in public I'll be sure to mention how my toddler's are extremely advanced at watching TV.