Monday, April 6, 2015

A case of the Mondays

Hello out there to all of my blog readers... or reader.

Well it's Monday again. To make myself feel better I just ate one of Henry's spinach muffins. It didn't help. I'd have a glass of wine but it's only 1:04. Plus I don't have any.

Let's get started on today's blog topic shall we? It's about my week... in pictures!


Yes, I've been gone an entire week (I couldn't sleep without you either) which means I have lots of pictures to share.  You probably can't wait. Sharing pictures of my week is about as exciting as Aunt Maude sharing slideshows of her trip to Mount Rushmore. At least Aunt Maude provides butterscotch candies. All I have are spinach muffins. Sorry.

Here we go!

The week started with us heading to Concord to visit my family. What fun we had! The cousins enjoyed each other while I enjoyed about seven slices of my mom's strawberry shortcake. I didn't bring anything home with me except a few extra pounds. Thanks mom.

Macy is happy (and used) to being adored

A king sized bed all to herself! 

After visiting the chips of my old block (whatever that means) we visited my best friend Nicole. Because we've been best friends since about 4th grade, we KNOW our boys will become "besties" too.
They are totally best friends. The kind who don't talk to each other or make eye contact.

Did I mention Nicole has a bunny?

 On the ride home Henry fell asleep. He was exhausted from the traumatizing week of playing with toys and friends.
Asleep mid chew. After he woke up he finished his bite. 

We made it home safely despite passing people like this:

Why shut the trunk when you can shove items inside, leave it open,  and drive 80 mph?

Yes, after a week of travel, we lived to see another holiday and got one hell-ova family picture to prove it. 

I'm so glad everyone is face forward, smiling, eyes ope- DAMN IT TYLER!

Adios, until the next post!

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