Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend in Pictures

Hello again!

Well it's Monday which means depression has set in. For me, the fog doesn't really lift until Thursday night.  I never mind Friday as a weekday do you? It feels like part of the weekend. You put stuff off thinking "It's Friday which is practically the weekend which means this boring thing can wait until Monday.

But here it is. Monday. The word Monday even sounds gross. Moooooooonnnnday. Kind of moldy. 

To cheer myself up I've decided to review my weekend using pictures (because really, who wants to spend time reading on a MONDAY?)

Let's begin shall we?

Friday night (remember Friday is basically the weekend), the husband and I went to dinner with some friends.  I didn't take a picture so here is what it sort of looked like. 

Artwork for sale at my Etsy shop for $50000

We ate food that sort of looked like this

Organic Sushi

Saturday we spent the day at my husband's niece's softball game. I sat in the shade with Macy. I'm finding that having a three month old is a great excuse for not chasing after my active toddler.  After all, I MUST be there to support her fragile mind, body and soul at all times (especially when it's 85 degrees in the dead sun) to ensure she can grow to be a thriving human.

Got 99 problems but a toddler ain't one

 My husband spent the game playing with the "spirited" child.
Dad you're going that way? Then I'll go THIS way!

After my relaxing day on Saturday I realized I was addicted to the easy life and went on a long hike in beautiful weather by myself. 

A sort of selfie 

That's it! Exciting isn't it. Would you like me to start over so you can enjoy my weekend update again? No? Are you sure???


Adios until the next post!


  1. Love living vicariously through your lovely SLO weekend!!

    1. Thanks Erin. I'm glad you enjoyed my boring weekend. I'll try and spice it up next time by bungee jumping or going on a blind date.

  2. LOL! I'm already milking the whole "I can barely waddle around the house so the toddler chasing is officially your job." Feels good to be unemployed again.

    1. Yes! The key is to start while pregnant and keep milking it until they are 35.