Thursday, March 5, 2015

Transportation Has Never Been Less Boring

Hi! Me again.

So I have a son. He's a toddler and therefore all grown up. Except he's not. Not at all. But he IS in a "big boy" room instead of a nursery which is a HUGE deal (says no one but his mother) and therefore I had to celebrate by giving him one hell-ova transportation themed room. Because you know, he's such a mover and a shaker.

Taking a break from moving and shaking

I've mentioned before that Henry had a randomly thrown together nursery nook. I had felt baldly that I didn't make much effort to cute it up. Not that he noticed. I'm sure he was just glad to have a place to sleep that wasn't cold, wet, or shared with his parents.

I decided on a "transportation" themed nursery because these days you have to have a theme for everything. For instance, this morning my theme was "Coffee, coffee everywhere" because I found coffee grounds in the silverware drawer, all over the floor, and even in the refridgerator which meant I had to drink about four cups to justify the mess.

Anyway.  Focus. Themes. Transportation.

Being almost two, Henry loves all things that go. Wheels, balls, cars, planes, trucks, you name it. So naturally I decided to decorate his walls with alligators.

The alligator has a suitcase while the crocodile has a walking cane. Clearly they're ready to transport somewhere. 

I also decided to paint a few pictures.

I choo choo choose a transportation theme

Engines revving without any drivers. 

I also painted a toy chest and old dresser. And by "I painted" I mean my husband did. But I watched! By "watched" I mean napped.

A hope chest turned toy chest. It's clearly green not black and blue. 

Dresser from Craigslist. Paint from paint store.

Taaa daaaah! Transportation themed room complete!

I'm probably going to give Henry some kind of complex about driving.

Adios until the next post!


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  2. I love the choo-choo painting! I think I'll take a ride in the heart car.

  3. You are always welcome in my heart car!

  4. Can't you be a little more original? The very first thing everyone always thinks of when they hear the word transportation is an alligator with a walking cane. HELLO?!? Earth to Jackie!!

    That said what an adorable room!!

  5. My first choice was a banana wearing a bow tie but that was way to obvious. I'm sorry to disappoint you again mother. Please love me.

  6. You did such a good job pulling this room together. I love the teal blue and apple green together. Henry is lucky!

    1. I love those colors too! I enjoy that I can decorate my children's room until they can tell me not to. Thank God for Henry's speech delay!