Friday, March 27, 2015

If only these bunnies were made of chocolate

Hello again!

I'd like to start by labeling today's blog post as, "Shameless Self Promotion Day" in honor of myself promoting...myself.

In this post I will be shamelessly showcasing a few paintings of mine. The plus side to this shameless self promotion is that you get to look at cute bunnies. The downside is they aren't made of chocolate. Sorry.

I'm also running a special. Buy any two watercolors (of equal size) at my shop and receive the third print for free!

These watercolor bunnies make for a great buy two, get one free gift for Easter.

Please take me home.

I feel so alone. 

Bunny kisses! 
5 x 7 and 8 x 10 sizes available. I can also do custom, original watercolors for you!

Click here to view my entire Etsy shop:

Adios until the next post!


  1. Cute bunnies and cute shop! It's ok to shamelessly self promote now and then. It gives others the chance to see your talents. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!

  2. Thanks Elise! I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for visiting my tongue in cheek blog! :)