Friday, March 20, 2015

Guilty Pleasure Friday

Hello, it's me. The girl without the dragon tattoo.

So today I was on a walk and was waiting patiently for a lady at the stop sign to go. I waved her car forward while she furiously waved me forward mouthing "GO! GO! GO!" and then angrily drove away, tires squealing. Angry drivers are a pet peeve of mine. Which made me think about other pet peeves (the term pet peeve is a pet peeve) which in turn made me think of things that I enjoy. Guilty pleasures if you will. But let's be honest, sometimes guilty pleasures can also be pet peeves. For instance, every season I watch the Bachelor which is God awful television. It's boring, it's stupid, and I feel like I lose math skills the more I watch. But like a bad accident on the highway, I CAN'T LOOK AWAY. Which brings me to a short list of guilty pleasures and pet peeves. Perhaps we should call this list of "Pleasurable Pet Peeves" or #pleasurablepetpeeves.

Oh God they're talking in hashtags again

1. When flipping through channels (yes we still have cable, mainly so I can find my guilty pleasure shows by "accident") , I almost ALWAYS stop it on the following movies or shows:

The Devil Wears Prada.
Really, the only redeeming thing about this movie is Meryl Streep (and maybe Emily Blunt) but somehow I find myself being sucked into the cheesy dialogue, dated clothing and stupid humor every time. Oh Andy Sachs, you sassy girl you.

Early episodes of Friends.
Despite the laugh track,  the 1990's brown lipstick, and the improbability of affording those apartments, Friends always, always makes me laugh. I even think the Rachel cut is sort of cute again.

Center Stage.
What can I say, I enjoy the dancing in this horribly stupid movie. Same can be said about Black Swan.

2 . I still get excited when I hear the text message beep on my phone. My husband, on the other hand, HATES multiple text messages (especially on a group text) which means my guilty pleasure is his pet peeve. We're just like the odd couple (except we're both clean, like a lot of the same things, and are more than just roommates).
Could Matthew Perry's career BE any more over?
3. My third and final guilty pleasure (for now) is enjoying and lots of coffee and dark chocolate. I actually got a stomach ache yesterday from eating about half of a bag of dark chocolate chips in one sitting. I'm like my old dog, Buddy, a larger than normal cocker spaniel. He used to eat hot dogs so fast he'd thrown them back up (whole) and then proceed to re-eat them. Come to think of it, that's a great way to have seconds without the calories.

You gonna eat that again?

Adios until the next post!

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  1. Um.... Group texts are THE BEST. We should know.