Monday, March 9, 2015

A Post that Tastes like Sugar

Hello again!

Do you like cupcakes? ME TOO! Which is why I decided to make dinosaur themed cupcakes (because everything must be a theme remember?) for my son's 2nd birthday. Come to think of it I don't think he likes cupcakes all that much. In fact he probably would have preferred raisins but never mind.

I was FAR to busy and important to make homemade cupcakes. After all, Season three of "House of Cards" was not going to watch itself Am I right!?  Thus I could only barely manage homemade frosting. But it had to do. Sigh. The life of a mom never ends.

Here's what I needed to complete my masterpiece: Powdered sugar,  half & half (or whole milk), vanilla, butter, cake mix (or homemade if you've finished House of Cards), and dinosaurs from dollar store.

I bought the cake mix myself

First step is bake the cupcakes. Feel free to use you'r grandma's secret recipe. In this case my grandma's secret recipe was Pillsbury.  While the cupcakes are baking, mix together one tablespoon softened butter and two cups of Powdered Sugar.

Cool action shot! I should shoot for National Geographic.

Next mix together with a spoon or spoon shaped object. You can use a fork if it's a full moon and you're a Scorpio.  Then get out your handy dandy electric mixer to use while slowly adding one teaspoon vanilla and half & half. I only added about one tablespoon of half & half at a time to get the right "frosting-y" consistency. You can add more half & half if you like the wet look and want to drizzle over cake.

Blend you sonofabitch BLEND!

This is from the bowl, not my nose.

Just add dollar store dinosaur toy, a couple of candles and there you have it! 

Just as they would have found the real Triceratops

The cupcakes were a hit! My relatives couldn't stop praising the delicious chocolate fudge taste and fluffy consistency. They didn't mention the frosting but when Henry's great grandpa said, "these have just the right amount of chocolate flavor" I bet what he really meant was "this frosting is clearly homemade and saves these horrible store bought crud cakes from being uneatable." Man I'm talented.

Adios until the next post!


  1. I totally do that - box mix for the cake with homemade frosting. :) good compromise I think!

    1. Exactly! Or perhaps baking from scratch and using store bought frosting. Mmmmm. I want some now.